Ways to Make A Difference

 A.   Sponsorship and Volunteers for an event at the Manchester Arts Center, South Jackson Civic Center or another locale.

​B.   Golf Day: Organize a golf tournament and charge an entry fee.

​C.   5K Walk/Run: Organize a 5K Walk/Run in memory of or honor of a love one.

D.   Celebrate: Getting married or having a birthday?  Ask friends to donate to Hospice of the Highland Rim Foundation, Inc. in lieu of gifts.

E.   Bowling Night: Host a bowling fundraiser event.

F.   Book Club: Host your book club and charge admission.

G.   Host a Karaoke Event: Sell tickets for an evening of karaoke singing at a community room, your home or local restaurant.

H.   Host a Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Party: Have an assortment of wines, cheeses and chocolates and invite your friends, family,

      co-workers over for a special party. (Try to get the wine, cheese and chocolate donated to save on cost.)

I.   Board/Video Game Tournament: Pick your favorite board/video game and assemble four (4) person teams.

J.    Sports Game Party: Host a sports game party and turn it into a fundraising event.

K.    Bridge Tournament/Bunco Party: Host a bridge tournament or bunco party.

L.   Tea Party: Host an afternoon tea party.

M.   Host a Ladies Luncheon: In memory or honor of a loved one.

N.  Movie Night: Invite your friends for movie and popcorn night.

O. Ladies Night In: Invite you friends for drinks, appetizers and fun conservation. 

Fun suggestions for gathering your family, friends and co-workers together to help support our mission. 
Ask for donations accordingly .

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